Yanni’s Pre-Debut: A Morrocan Sunset

Yanni Bunagan

This spirited young woman just looked mesmerising in the golden sunset. Couple that with her angelic voice, who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon with this girl? Yanni just blew us away with her musicality and youth! Giving us such a poetic end to a fun filled day!

What else more beautiful

than the melody from a glowing heart?


yanni-bunagan-debut-03 yanni-bunagan-debut-04


You fill the room with music,
and I can feel my blissful heart dancing


debutante puppy biking


I crave for the warmth of your smile,
the sweetness of your voice,
and the comfort of your presence


beach music Celesta


This vastness calls me,
it’s golden glow,
a beacon to adventure


sunset sand beach Yanni bunagan

Photography: CELESTA by Happy Folks
Styling: Tipping Point Collective
Coordination: Joed See Events

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