Jenna’s Pre-debut: A Charming Afternoon

Jenna Galapia

This girl just brought in the sunshine to our day. Jenna’s poised yet lively spirit gave a beautiful balance of work and play for our session. She had a smile for everyone and moved with a natural gracefulness. The hours we spent with Jenna seemed to just fly by as she charmed her way into our hearts.

A smile that never fades
has a heart that knows
what true happiness is

tipping pointPre debut Celesta by Happy Folks



Where do we find ourselves wandering
around this spinning world?



Portraits debutante Jenna Galapia portraits Happy Folks Studio



Take me to where
dreamers are visionaries
and dreams are realities



Celesta by Happy Folks tipping point Celesta by Happy Folks Bespoke Manila Happy Folks


Photography: CELESTA by Happy Folks
Planning: Bespoke Manila
Styling: Tipping Point Collective
Venue: Alpadi Estate

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