Yanni’s 18th: Music & Laughter

CELESTA by Happy Folks

The night overflowed with melodies and harmonies like none you’ve ever seen. Music played through the crowd with such fluidity as a breeze through the trees, and felt just as refreshing. Yanni glowed beautifully all through the songs, dancing and laughter of the night. She is undeniably a talented and fascinating lady that we are truly blessed to have crossed paths with.


Open your ears to
the melody of this world

so that your heart may hear
the harmony of the universe


Michael V Yanni Bunagan Gery Penaso Blue Trumpet Happy Folks Saxophone Father Daughter debut



Let the passion of your spirit
the your music



Celesta by Happy Folks Happy Folks Roses Bitoy Happy Folks Yanni Bunagan shoes roses candles debutante


And if you find yourself blind and lost in chaos,
seek serenity in the wisdom of the eyes that
came before you



debutante bunagan Happy Folks toast blue trumpet joed see events accoustic debutante


For in this journey, though troublesome and
sometimes unbearable, you will find bliss.
Simple, contented and comforting bliss.


celesta by happy folks
Photography: CELESTA by Happy Folks
Planning & Coordination: Joed See Events
Hair & Make Up: Gery Penaso
Preparation Venue: Shangri-la at the Fort
Party Venue: Blue Leaf, Mckinley Hills
Styling: Blue Trumpet Events

Dresses: Ryan Uson
Invites: Rorie Fule
Cakes and Desserts: Sugarplum Pastries
Catering: Bizu Catering Studio
Host/s: Shahein Abraham
Entertainers: Uno Ritmok
Lights and Sounds: Sensitivity and JR Music


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